Dance Photography

By LawrenceGarcia

How to Take Beautiful Dance Portraits?

The fascinating art of dance photography can transform even the most basic movements into art.

Get to know the dancers

Talking to someone about their passion is one of the best ways you can get to know them.

Instead of just blindly entering a photo shoot, discover who your model and why they love to dance. Also, let them know why dance photography interests you.

You’ll be more comfortable and confident when you get to know one another.

You will be able to make mistakes and not feel embarrassed. It will also give you plenty of room to try different ideas.

Get familiar with the Style dance photography

What kind of dance will you be photographing? This question will help you to anticipate the movements of your model and adjust your camera settings accordingly.

A wide-angle lens can be useful if you are looking to improve your dance recital photography. A zoom lens is useful for taking close-up shots of your model dancing.

Before you shoot, make sure to look at some videos and talk with the dance company if you have never shot a particular style of dance.

You will have a better chance of coming up with innovative ideas if you are more knowledgeable. These ideas will not only impress the models, but also highlight your talents.

Be sure to let your models know that they are being photographed

When it comes to permission, dance photography is very similar to street photography. You will need their permission before you can photograph a group.

If you have a dance instructor that can notify the dancers of your presence, this will be very easy. If you happen to stumble across a group of dancers outside, it won’t be so easy.

You can also freely photograph strangers if you are just looking to practice. Online sharing and selling is a risky business.

To avoid camera shake, use a tripod dance photography

It is tempting to try to capture the dancers’ graceful moves with your camera. This can frustrate or confuse you, especially during fast-paced dance events.

A tripod is a great way to avoid camera shake and unnecessary stress. You’ll be able make the most out of the compositions you have by limiting your movements.

You can also use a tripod to take long exposure photos (you will learn more about this topic soon). This will give your gallery a lot of variety and surrealism.

Take Photos at Dancing Events dance photography

Are you unsure what type of dancers to photograph? Photographing recitals or events can help you to get acquainted with different styles of dance.

You can greatly improve your dance knowledge, portrait and candid photography skills by obtaining permission to photograph dancers.

This exposure will help you get a better understanding of what type of dance photography to pursue. You will also learn how to make the most out of busy settings.