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How to take stunning “Senior Photography”?

From Props to Poetry

Senior photography is a great way to immortalise the many moments teens-not-quite-adults go through, from graduations to moving out.

It’s not as simple as you might think. It’s very different to pose and photograph a senior than an adult.

This article will help you to understand how to overcome these obstacles. You will also find great ideas for senior pictures.

Senior photo sessions don’t only aim to get solid portraits for parents that they can display at graduation. No, senior photo sessions are an invitation to the still-teenager-almost-adult to be an active participant in their photo session.

The session can be made more personal and meaningful by letting the teens choose their outfits, locations, props, and other details.

Why you should have a pre-consultation Senior Photography?

Senior Photography are able to express themselves and create their own sessions. Pre-consultations are a great way to ask questions and to get to know your Senior Photography. Before the teen arrives at the meeting, make sure you have all your questions prepared.

Ask them about their hobbies and interests, their favorite places to spend their time, their feelings about growing up, their favorite music, and so on.

These questions will allow you to suggest the best places and times of the day for your session. Face-to-face meetings will allow you to gauge their personality. A questionnaire can be more productive than a consultation because the teen won’t feel that the consultation is an interrogation.

Talk about them only and keep the conversation light

Ask your parents to provide their feedback, as they are likely to want photos of their home, desk, family, and friends.Ask them what photos they intend to use for. Will they be making graduation announcement cards? Invites to parties

This is a great way for you to visualize what your final product will look like. To showcase the teens’ personality and hobbies, create “Sets”. You’ve now completed your senior photography portrait consultation. It’s time for you to put those answers to use.

You can create different “sets” of photos for teens, especially if they are being photographed in a studio. This will allow you to adapt to their hobbies and activities. This can be done on-site. If the teen enjoys reading, you can create a reading corner or library. Photograph the senior at a cafe or public library. Teens might also learn to play the guitar. Set up a “set” in which the teen plays the guitar or poses with the guitar.

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