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How to create “Value Photography” entrepreneurs?

What is “Value Photography”?

My definition of “value photography” is your ability to bring happiness, joy, pleasure, or decrease pain or inconvenience into the life or work of another person.

What is the significance of “Value Photography?”

Create a product or offer a service that adds value to the life of your customer/consumer/student.

Once again, value is your ability or inability to bring happiness/suffering into the lives of others.

In the end, I believe we all want happiness or to live better lives. In today’s capitalist society we have the ability to charge money for goods and services that improve the lives of others. The more we can make others’ lives better, the more value we will have.

How to create value photography

First, try to imagine yourself as your customer/consumer. Or psycho-analyze yourself.

ERIC KIM, for example, values these things in his life.

  • Freedom
  • Flexibility
  • Capability to create art, share ideas, and empower others
  • Self-confidence
  • It’s like your work has meaning
  • Find Solutions for Yourself

If we look at it from a business perspective, which services/products could you offer ERIC in order to help him achieve/get the things he values most in life?

Freedom: Books and ideas that give him more freedom (philosophy books) 

Flexibility: He can use services, tools that make it easier to live. For example, AirBnb allows him more flexibility in housing and living arrangements, while Uber gives him more freedom for transportation.

Ability to create art and share ideas that empower others: Digital tools (IA Writer, MacBook laptop for content production, digital camera to take photos, Garageband to record music, iMovie/Camtasia video editing) Feeling confident: He can listen to hip hop or any other music that puts him in the zone.

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