Do US Immigration Laws Keep Changing?

By LawrenceGarcia

Immigration laws can be complicated and very detailed. These laws even seem to change frequently. This leaves United States (US) immigrants wondering about their rights. They have many questions and one of the most prominent one is if they really do have any rights as immigrants.

First, legal immigrants do have rights. When it comes to the US Immigration Laws all immigrants have the right to earn a minimum pay for their full time work. If they work overtime, they should be given wages higher than regular hour pay. Immigrants also have the right to be treated fairly as well as being paid a fair wage. Immigrants should keep in mind, they should be allowed to hold onto their own identification documents and passport. Any breach of law or holding the foreign worker’s identification papers is completely illegal and complaints can ne lodged against the employers.

Immigration laws allow immigrant workers to ask for help from groups including unions, labor rights and immigrant work while they have the right to report any abuse related to their job. This includes having a safe working environment. There are to be no hazardous situations or materials in the workplace. The equipment must also be in proper and safe working order. If needed immigrants may work with the US courts to resolve an issue or conflict.

When it comes to immigration law and the immigrant, there are a variety of rights available to them just as a permanent US resident. When watching a movie or TV show those being arrested often hear their rights read. This is true in real life and for immigrants. They have the right to remain silent when they are stopped, questioned or arrested. This includes remaining silent about immigration status such as in the home, work place or a public place. Immigrants also have the right to ask for an attorney to represent them and discuss their situation.

Another Immigration Law protecting immigrants is refusing to sign documents. They can refuse to sign any document and ask to talk to an attorney. Having an attorney will help them make sure it is a legal document and properly drawn. It is indicated to always talk to an expert, usually an immigration law lawyer, before signing documents. This is especially helpful for the immigrant that is still not sure of the language.

Many rights are available for immigrants in place to protect them. It is also important to know that it is in the immigrant’s best interest to seek legal advice as well to make sure Immigration Laws are not violated.

In your best interest, it is better to carry the proper identification papers or their copies at all times. The proof of the immigration status is necessary so whether you are a Green Card holder or a non-immigrant alien, carry the I-94 card, the passport and any other required document that proves your status. However, in case you are questioned or detained, you can ask to remain silent and seek the help of an attorney.