Chengdu Famous Food

By LawrenceGarcia

Make Your Trip Unforgettable

Chengdu Famous Food is a paradise for foodies and hosts some of the most popular Chinese food. The famous Chengdu food is primarily numbing and spicy. They will make your trip memorable.

Hot Pot Chengdu Famous Food

Flavor: Numbing and spicy, but there are many flavors that can be made from different hot pot stock.

Hot pot is a must-try when visiting Chengdu Famous Food. You can find hot pot restaurants all over the city that emit a delicious aroma. All of them offer a wide range of meats, vegetables, and desserts to their customers. The most requested ingredients are tripes and duck intestines as well as beef, chicken, pork, potatoes, and skin of beancurd. It is as easy as hot pot by choosing the ingredients that you like and then boiling them in the boiling broth. This Chengdu food is very popular and you may want to go with your family or friends so that you can try more varieties.

  • Kang Er Jie Chuan Chuan
  • Flavor: Numbing and spicy, aromatic, spicy, and spiced

Chuan Chuan, Chengdu Famous Food, is highly sought-after. It has all the ingredients found in the bamboo sticks. Kang Er Jie is perhaps the most well-known restaurant that serves this type of food. The Chuan Chuan can be described as hot pot. Customers boil the food in a small pot and then serve it to their customers. The other type is prepared by the cook. Both allow customers to select what they want, including meats and vegetables. A stick of food is small in quantity, so it is affordable for one person to enjoy chuan-chuan.

Chili Sauce with Ox Organs and Sliced Beef

This Chengdu Famous Fooddish is both a cold and a famous one. It was first created in the 1930s. The pot-stewed heads, tongues, hearts, tongues, and tripe of Ox are then cut into thin slices and topped off with the sauce. This sauce is seasoned with chili oil and ground peppers. This is an appetizing dish that was awarded Appetizer Of The Year by GQ magazine USA 2017. It was translated into Mr. and Mrs. Smith because the Chinese name for this dish is “the beef slices of the couple”, which means that the dish was originally created by a couple.

  • Spicy Rabbit Heads Chengdu Famous Food
  • Flavor: Sweet, spicy, salty, sweet, or numbingly spicy

Spicy Rabbit head originated in Shuangliu District, Chengdu Famous Food. Shuangliu Ma is the original manufacturer of this food. A kind mother created it decades ago. Her son loved eating rabbit heads. Her shop sold Spicy Hot pot, and she prepared the rabbit heads in Spicy Hot Pork soup for her son. People in the area were drawn to the food. It became very popular in Chengdu and Shuangliu Ma, a time-honoured restaurant run by Spicy Rabbit heads, opened several branches in Chengdu Famous Food downtown.