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By LawrenceGarcia

Caccia Plumbing is family-owned and managed. Since 1979, they have proudly served the residents of San Mateo Counties. They offer a wide range of plumbing repairs and installations and are dedicated to providing quality workmanship at fair and honest rates.

What do customers think about Caccia Plumbing

Caccia Plumbing’s skilled workers were praised by customers. Customers are thankful for the quick service and the ability of the plumbers to resolve any plumbing problem in no time.

Foster City has restructured its water rates in an effort to encourage residents to conserve water. Now, they offer a workshop for people to learn how to reduce indoor water consumption.

Foster City’s new tiered billing system rewards those who reduce their water use and penalizes those who do not. It went into effect July 1. Tonight, local plumbers will give tips for water efficiency.

“Water-Wise Ways : Stopping the Drain On Your Wallet” is the title of the workshop. It’s the first in Foster City’s “Go Green” speaker series. Geno and Anthony Caccia, coowners of James Caccia Plumbing San Mateo, are the featured speakers.

The brothers who frequently appear on “House Detective” (Home & Garden Television) will talk about common problems with water overuse and the best ways to fix them. They will also discuss how to spot leaks that can cause water bills to rise.

Installing a low-flow toilet is a simple way to cut down on household water consumption. Geno Caccia, a Tuesday interviewee, stated that replacing a 3.5-gallon toilet by a 1.28 gallon toilet can reduce indoor water consumption by 63 percent. These toilets can be purchased in many cities that offer rebates and incentives.

Geno Caccia co-owns James Caccia Plumbing Inc., a family-owned plumbing company that specializes in water heating and green plumbing.

Final touches to a prize-winning house

Kirsten Flynn, Sustainable Home, will talk about the beautiful and sustainable materials she used to build the Santa Clara University 2007 Solar Decathlon Home. This entry was third in the national contest. Learn more about her participation in the competition and how to apply these lessons in your home to create healthy and comfortable living spaces.

Barker gave a presentation about the program to Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring organization.

He said, “We’ll travel anywhere the children are,”

This program is being extended to other areas of the state. Michael Gonzales, a recent participant in the program, worked with James Caccia Plumbing, San Mateo, California.

Customer’s perspective

Geno Caccia, Caccia Plumbing customer, was our guest to discuss the ServiceTitan Mobile app 1.0. Geno and his team were part of the beta testing period for the new app.