UK Immigration Law – Tier 4 Student Visa

By LawrenceGarcia

he United Kingdom recently expressed the latest immigration law rules concerning the student visa under the points based systems in the Tier 4 changes. These changes were designed to give illegal students a difficult time from coming in and out of the United Kingdom. These changes were made in January 2010 after the previous year’s evaluation of such laws as breaking it upsets the economic balance, and these violators will be imprisoned or deported.

Here are the latest UK immigration law under the UK Tier 4 Student visa:

Applicants must have English capacity under the General Certificate of Secondary Education or GCSE in order to enter UK bearing a student visa.
Entry is strict and you should have a top level course in college or equivalent in the United Kingdom accredited educational institutions.
You are not allowed to take dependants within six months.
If your education is lower than undergraduate or foundation degree level your dependants is prohibited to work in the United Kingdom.
If you recall, the usual point based systems implemented by the British government was to present a meticulous system to allow individuals to gain entry to the UK to study, live, or work and the capacity to be flexible in many changes imposed by the British government. You see the government may change its policies of allowing students to come to the UK to legally work and study. If you can make it in the UK, you can make it everywhere so the robust UK immigration laws are in place to protect you as well.

If you think that was everything about the latest UK Immigration law for students, Tier 4, there is more. Here they are:

In addition to the new rules above, you are prohibited to study in a lower degree level especially if it involves a work placement unless the course is offered by an accredited colleges or university and with a trusted sponsor that provided the training.
If an individual wishes to study in Britain or in the UK, with a course below undergraduate or foundation degree level, you must pass a test to show your abilities for the English language.
The highly trusted sponsors provided for foreign students have become more challenging. These trusted sponsored are the government funded universities or colleges. All applicants must accomplish all requirements stipulated in the UK immigration laws.