Business and “Pleasure Cooler Bag”

By LawrenceGarcia

A business and pleasure cooler bag can be a great way of transporting your lunch. The cooler bag is also great for keeping your beer cool while you are out fishing on the lake. It is made of durable neoprene and can withstand harsh handling for many years. You will find plenty of pockets to organize your gear.

Features: Strong neoprene construction; Non-slip handles for easy carrying; Plenty of storage space in pockets and front and side mesh pouches to add organization.

You are ready to pack your bags and get on the road. This business and pleasure cooler bag will allow you to keep your favorite vacation foods fresh while on the road or at the airport. This backpack-style, insulated ice chest is spacious enough to store all your items while still being compact enough not to take up too much of your luggage allowance. The sturdy construction allows you to fill it with food without worrying about spills or leaks. We also have snacks for you! It can fit 12 oz soda bottles. Enjoy every moment of your business or pleasure vacation.

Business and pleasure cooler bag Description

The Small Business Association of Michigan is a non-profit organization that assists small businesses throughout the state. It was a pleasure to meet them and learn more about their mission.

Sarina Speidel was the President and CEO of SBAM. We met at breakfast in Lansing on Friday morning. I asked her what she loved most craigslist tnĀ  about working at SBAM. She said, “How passionate are we?” without hesitation. There’s nothing more satisfying than being around people who are passionate about their work, whether you’re discussing business and pleasure cooler bag. It’s not your typical job, when 100% of the profits go back into scholarships for students pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors.” She continued to explain how 17 Michigan businesses achieved $11 million in sales revenue last year.

For Poolside Hangs

Poolside’s tote bag is ideal for days spent at the pool, thanks to its terrycloth fabric. You won’t worry about water damage, no matter if you’re at the beach or by the pool. The tie-dye design makes it a practical beach bag that doesn’t compromise on style.