Internet Crimes Attorney

By LawrenceGarcia

Innocent until proven guilty. Our firm’s attorney, Thomas M. Petersen, has committed his entire career to protecting that fundamental American right. Today, this principle seems under attack particularly in the area of Internet cyber crimes. Electronic information and overzealous news reporting only chip away at this foundational principle in our country.

When handling an Internet criminal defense matters, Tom applies the same aggressive approach he applies in all of his criminal defense representations. He works proactively to limit the damage before it begins, working diligently to fight back against these charges immediately, working hard to bring injunctions to stop the damaging behavior of others quickly whenever possible.

Experienced Omaha Area Internet Crimes Lawyer
Over the course of more than 15 years, 6,000 cases and numerous trials throughout the Omaha, Nebraska, area, clients have relied confidently on Tom’s legal judgment regarding the best approach to their legal problems. He protects our clients’ rights in a number of Internet-related criminal matters, including:

Credit card fraud
Identity theft
Computer viruses
Internet solicitation of a minor
Child pornography
And more
We investigate your case for ourselves. This investigation starts the very first time you meet with us for your free initial consultation. Our team works with you so we understand all the facts of your case and can provide you with prompt feedback as to your rights, the legal options available to you and which options Tom recommends.