How do I know which bankruptcy lawyer is right for me?

By LawrenceGarcia

No two bankruptcy cases or lawyers for bankruptcy are ever the same, making choosing an attorney an intricate task. When searching for one, the first thing you should consider when selecting one is finding lawyers that specialize in this particular field; even if a firm has become known throughout their state as a top foreclosure defense firm does not mean they possess knowledge regarding filing for bankruptcy. Kangs Solicitors is an established and dynamic bankruptcy lawyers in UK firm with branches located in London, Birmingham and Manchester. Kangs is proud of having won the Legal 500 Criminal, Fraud and Licensing Law Firm of the Year’ award since 1997; our services span all aspects of criminal law from serious fraud cases like VAT/MTIC fraud and laundering to significant blue collar criminal cases like laundering. In that time we have received instructions regarding some of the nation’s biggest cases of serious crime and fraud across all three locations.

Even if a lawyer lists bankruptcy in their specialty area on their profile with their state bar association (the body that regulates lawyers), that doesn’t mean they’re the right one to assist you with it.

As bankruptcy lawyers are frequently solely involved with these matters, they tend to be the best choice as experts on bankruptcy laws. Most bankruptcy law firms belong to associations like The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA), an association dedicated solely to helping ordinary people file bankruptcy. If in doubt about who to hire for your situation it would be prudent to visit their website to locate one in your local area.

Be mindful that people often leave reviews when they’re angry; look up reviews on the attorney or law firm you are researching to see what kinds of experiences others have had with them – you never know what may pop up!

As surprising as it may be, most bankruptcy lawyers operate either as solo practitioners (solo lawyers) or are part of small companies. Only bankruptcy mills advertising on billboards or city buses boast multiple lawyers exclusively dedicated to bankruptcy work.

Your choice between an established law firm or solo attorney depends solely on personal preference; though smaller businesses tend to be more adaptable in various matters.

Large law firms may provide you with additional hours or quicker turnaround times; however, you are unlikely to speak directly with the lawyer; only their paralegal may be available. Thus it would not be prudent to employ a bankruptcy company hoping for personal attention that only solo attorneys or small businesses can provide; nor would you expect these smaller entities to have all the bells and whistles provided by larger ones such as sophisticated client portals etc.

What about the attorney fees?

Filing bankruptcy should not only involve looking at what an attorney charges you but also considering other aspects. While price may be an indicator, most likely you already know how much bankruptcy attorneys typically cost in your area so be wary of legal aid providers with significantly lower or higher prices than expected in your region.

As with anything in life, you will get what you pay for; however, some claims seem unrealistically unrealistic. High-quality legal services and advice come at a cost; therefore it is crucial that any cost and payment plan proposed by bankruptcy lawyers fit your specific circumstances as best they can.

So, what’s the X-Factor?

Let’s say you spoke with two lawyers in town who both gave you roughly similar estimates for bankruptcy filing costs; in such an instance it’s important not to select the most affordable or closest option; rather opt for the one which best meets your individual circumstances and requirements.

Every bankruptcy lawyer uses their own system for managing their customers’ Chapter 7 and 13 cases efficiently. If you don’t feel confident using computers, avoid signing with lawyers that require filling out online questionnaires; conversely if you prefer one-on-one conversations regularly over communicating via email or telephone only once prior to declaring bankruptcy, don’t pick the lawyer who says only meeting in person once before declaring bankruptcy is required.

An attorney-client relationship is a crucial one in which both sides must act with the clients’ (your) best interests in mind. Sometimes this requires making hard choices; as you’ll likely interact with your bankruptcy lawyer often during this process, choose one whose behavior, attitude, and mannerisms most closely mirror yours. You must trust your lawyer enough that they can protect your best interests.

How to find a bankruptcy attorney?

Lawyers specializing in bankruptcy understand the limited financial means of those needing help filing bankruptcy are unlikely to have enough to cover attorney costs and make appointments with multiple lawyers at once, so many consumer bankruptcy firms offer free consultations as a service to potential clients.

Consultations offer you an opportunity to gain knowledge about bankruptcy generally and, specifically, which form is right for your financial situation and how the process of bankruptcy operates in general.

Consultations are free! Take advantage of this no-risk opportunity to see if a lawyer’s services could assist in filing bankruptcy. All it takes is time – not only will you learn more about the process but you can also discuss this with potential candidates so as to decide whether they’re suitable.