Discrimination: based on sexual orientation

By LawrenceGarcia

What is sex discrimination?

This is when you are treated unfairly for discrimination being a man or woman. This applies to all ages, including girls and boys.

According to the Equality Act 2010, it is only illegal discrimination if you are treated in a particular way because of certain reasons known as ‘protected attributes’. The Equality Act protects the characteristics of sexuality.

Discrimination against transgender people

Transgender people are not eligible for discrimination. It’s illegal discrimination based on gender reassignment if you’re one of them.

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Discrimination because of your pregnancy or recent birth

The Equality Act 2010 treats maternity prevent discrimination and pregnancy differently. You have more protection if you are in the protected period. The protected period is from the beginning of your pregnancy until the end of your maternity leaves. The protected period ends two weeks after the birth if you are not eligible for maternity leave.

If you are treated unfairly because of your pregnancy, it counts as discriminations

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pregnancy massage nj discrimination is unfavorable treatment for having taken maternity leave. You’re breastfeeding can lead to less favorable treatment.

If you are treated unfairly outside the protected period due to having a child, it is considered sex discrimination. If your employer treats you less favorably because of your postnatal depression, it’s also considered sex discrimination.

  • You are being discriminated at work
  • You should report any discriminations at work.
  • Tell your manager. Keep a copy of the email or letter and send it to him.
  • Talk to your HR department or trade union. They’ll be happy to offer advice
  • Collect evidence. Keep a journal listing all instances you have been discriminated against.

If the discriminations continues, you can file a formal grievance (complaint). Employers must have a grievance procedure. Ask your manager or HR team.

If you are unable to resolve your problem through the grievance process, you could file a claim at an Employment Tribunal.

  • Additional useful information
  • Equality Advisory Support Service (EASS).
  • The EASS Sexual orientation Discriminations Helpline can help you if you’ve been discriminated against.

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