Chesterfield Food Bank: Averages a million meals

By LawrenceGarcia

During the pandemic, per Month Chesterfield Food Bank

Chesterfield Food Bank Friday For the past few months, this kind of backup has been seen every weekend on Ironbridge Road.

The Chesterfield Food Bank helped anywhere from 8,000 to 12,000 people per month before COVID-19 was introduced around the globe.

They estimate that nearly 30,000 people use the food bank’s distribution program each month. 200 to 400 volunteers offer their assistance every week.

Kim Hill, Chesterfield Food Bank CEO says that she is grateful to help as many people and families as possible.

Hill stated, “You can see the tears in the eyes of that person who never dreamed they would need help from a food bank when you roll down the window.” It breaks your heart.”

It’s not fair to say that Chesterfield residents are coming in large numbers to get food. They have been eating on average over a million meals per month.

  • Hill stated that this is three times the number of people Hill used to feed before COVID.
  • To meet the increasing demand, they are looking for volunteers.

Hill stated that they need volunteers to help in many roles, including sorting food, prepping food trucks, cooking food, driving a truck, and collecting food donations from local stores.

Hill stated that the life at the food bank has changed for good. “Hunger shouldn’t exist in our country. “We are one of the most wealthy countries in the world. We need to be able take care of our people.”

Hill also stated that nearly half of donations to their distribution sites come from Spanish-speaking people. She said that language barriers make it harder for volunteers match needs with donors. Hill stated that Spanish-speaking volunteers were needed.

Amy Bartilotti is a Chesterfield County Public Schools Office of Community Engagement employee. She says food bank donations are crucial for families who have children in virtual fall semesters.

Bartilotti stated that many of their families do not have the option of telecommunications with a job. “Most of their jobs require you to be present and there are not many options for food [not being at work]. You can sign up to volunteer at Chesterfield Food Bank.