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Beauty Review The “Beauty Crop”

I had the chance to try out products from The Beauty Crop earlier this month. I was excited to try them because I had heard so many great things from my Facebook beauty groups. I also know a few people who swear by their mascara.

I wanted to write a short review for each product that I received. You will be pleasantly surprised at the different reasons I loved each product.

First, I’d like to discuss Beauty Crop and then share some information about their company. Because they are committed to cruelty-free, that is why I explored becoming an affiliate and tried out some products. As a consumer, this is very important to me. I only buy from certified CF brands. Here are the Beauty Crop website comments:

GRLPWR Liquid Lipstick, Tickled Pink The Beauty Crop

Liquid lipsticks dry matte very well for me. This one was my first experience with it. I was skeptical that it would be as comfortable as I thought. It’s been worn several times now, and I can honestly say that it’s one of my favorite liquid lips. It’s very matte, very pigmented, has very little transfer and is super comfortable. This photo was taken at the end of the day without any reapplications. It’s a bit worn but still looks great! You can also see why they are called GRLPWR Lipsticks, the beauty crop.

Our brand new liquid lipstick, GRLPWR was created to celebrate female empowerment. We feel inspired to start a movement that promotes friendship, rejects girl-to-girl hostility and creates a support network for female self-expression.

What a great message! The liquid lips cost only $14.95 per piece, which is very reasonable for such a high-end product. The packaging is stunning, featuring a metallic lettering and a frosted tube.

PBJ Smoothie Stick Peach Please

I found this product to be the most disappointing. This is still a great product. If you like a light, glossy, gloss formula for your lips, this is the one. It is very hydrating and pigmented. The shade Peach Please, which is a very pinky-nude colour, would look great on almost anyone. It was not my favourite liquid lipstick. Lip crayons are more difficult to apply and require frequent reapplications. It’s still a gorgeous color that would look great on an everyday, natural look. The crayons cost only $14.95 per piece which is surprisingly affordable for such a high-end product. They remind me of Clinique’s Chubby Sticks which aren’t cruelty-free. A set of three can be purchased here for $39.95

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